About me

My name is Tara, my middle name is Rose. I have studied Astrology since I was 12, I started getting in depth with it at the age of 17, and I started Tara Rose Astrologer when I was 22. At 28, I am a proud step-mom and cat mom. My husband and I live in the PacNW and enjoy the wonderful greenery that surrounds us. In my free time I enjoy dancing, cooking and taking walks outside. I also enjoy listening to spiritual teachers and other consciously aware people, especially on YouTube. I also really enjoy making videos for my YouTube channel. Another side hobby I have is herbalism and nutrition, I really enjoy researching the foods that I eat and what functions they provide. My dream with Tara Rose Astrologer is to help people become more aware of subtle energies that permeate us all and to help the world transform into one that is conducive to a connection with spirit, nature and each other.