Aquarius horoscope May 8th- 11th, 2012

Aquarius- 2nd house- Neptune, 3rd house- Uranus, 4th house- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, 5th house- Venus, 8th house- Mars, 9th house- Saturn, 12th house- Moon and Pluto

Interpretation- This is a difficult time to deal with resources and there may be confusion regarding your core values.  Your communication methods may be unconventional and surprising during this period, yet they should also be insightful. Your main focus is on your home and family and communicating with them. You may be thinking a lot about your past during this time. This is a great time for creative projects and socializing. You may even start a new romance at this time.  There may be arguments about shared resources, or you may be taking action to transform yourself in some way.  This is a great time for structured higher education.  This is also a period of deep transformation on a subconscious level, old beliefs will be transformed to fit where you are now in your life.