Cancer horoscope May 8th- May 11th, 2012

Cancer- 3rd house- Mars, 4th house- Saturn, 7th house- Moon and Pluto, 9th house- Neptune, 10th house- Uranus, 11th house- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, 12th house- Venus

Interpretation- You will be active and energetic, flitting from one place to another. You may need to watch out for arguments with siblings or disagreements with neighbors.  Your view of your home and family, namely your parents has matured a lot these past couple years.  Any relationships you have will be transformative and intense; these next couple of days will have you noticing your emotional reaction to these relationships. Your intuition has been especially strong since the beginning of this year, and you will gain new insights from higher education or going to a faraway place. You are coming up with innovative and ground-breaking ideas to help further your career. You will likely be communicating with friends a lot lately and will have a lot of fun doing that, just try not to over-indulge too much in food and drinks.  A lot of karmic stuff has been going on in your love life but you will learn a lot from your experiences.