Capricorn horoscope May 8th- 11th, 2012

Capricorn- 1st house- Moon and Pluto, 3rd house- Neptune, 4th house- Uranus, 5th house- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, 6th house- Venus, 9th house- Mars, 10th house- Saturn

Interpretation- You have been in a transformative period regarding your personality as a whole. For the next couple of days your emotions in relation to this transformation will come to the surface.  There may be confusion in communication during this time, but you will also pick up on a lot of subconscious messages.  Unexpected events related to family may occur at this time, or perhaps you have a more unconventional home life during this time. Your main focus will be on creativity and you will have lots of fun and conversation, try not to over-indulge too much.  You may be thinking about getting a job in which you can make the world a more beautiful place or one that you would truly enjoy.  You will get involved in activities that will expand your horizons in some way, such as traveling or taking classes that are action-oriented.  For the past couple of years you’ve been letting go of unnecessary beliefs in relation to your career and public standing.