Leo horoscope May 8th- 11th, 2012

Leo- 2nd house- Mars, 3rd house- Saturn, 6th house- Moon and Pluto, 8th house- Neptune, 9th house- Uranus, 10th house- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, 11th house- Venus

Interpretation- You’re really getting out there and taking action in an effort to improve your finances.  For the last few years, the way that you communicate has been in the process of maturing and sometimes you feel restricted in communication. Transformation is occurring in your work sector and you may be transforming the situations in which you serve others. You will feel the emotional responses to these transformations for the next couple of days, you will also be more emotionally in tune with what you want to do for work.  You may be disillusioned when it comes to shared resources, so you should be careful not to lend money or take too much from someone.  You may find an unconventional way to increase you education, perhaps through the internet or through long distance travel. A lot of innovative ideas should come to you at this time about how to further your horizons.  Until about mid-month, your main focus will be on your career and there will be a lot of conversations involving how to further your career. Your friendships should be loving and harmonious during this time; it’s a good time to enjoy art with friends.