Pisces horoscope May 8th- 11th, 2012

Pisces- 1st house- Neptune, 2nd house- Uranus, 3rd house- Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, 4th house- Venus, 7th house- Mars, 8th house- Saturn, 11th house- Moon and Pluto

Interpretation- You are especially intuitive and creative at this time. Resources may come from and unexpected or unconventional source or you might adopt unconventional values.  Your main focus will be on short trips and communications, especially with siblings. You are likely working on making your home more beautiful during this time and things will be very harmonious on the home front. You and a partner might be doing something more active these days, such as a new workout routine or a sport. Try not to start any arguments, for a buildup of energy without an outlet can lead to that. There may be restrictions in regard to shared resources. Your friendships may be going through a transformation during this time.