Scorpio horoscope May 8th- 11th

Scorpio- 3rd house- Moon and Pluto, 5th house- Neptune, 6th house- Uranus, 7th house- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, 8th house- Venus, 11th house- Mars, 12th house- Saturn

Interpretation- You are transforming the way you communicate with others or even transforming your relationships with siblings. This is a great time for creative projects, especially acting. You should watch out for addiction to drugs and alcohol at this time.  You may be starting an unconventional employment opportunity or perhaps something unexpected happens involving your job.  Your main focus is on relationships and communications in relationships will go very well for you right now. You may be in a union where you share resources with another.  You and your friends might decide to do something active together, perhaps involving competition so you should watch out for disagreements in your friendships.  You have been going through a process of stripping away unnecessary clutter in your psyche, letting go of old beliefs or attachments is a big part of this process.