Virgo horoscope May 8th- 11th, 2012

Virgo- 1st house- Mars, 2nd house- Saturn, 5th house- Moon and Pluto, 7th house- Neptune, 8th house- Uranus, 9th house- Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, 10th house- Venus

Interpretation- You have a lot of energy right now and it would be a good time to start a new exercise routine or sport. You may feel a little restricted when it comes to money matters and are learning to be more responsible with money in general. The way that you enjoy yourself and the creative activities you do are in a state of transformation at this time. In the next couple of days you could be working on a creation that you are emotionally connected to.  It’s easy to project a romantic view on a relationship at this time that isn’t necessarily real, so be careful to get to know a partner well before making a permanent commitment. Unexpected events could occur connected to shared resources, or perhaps you could come up with an unconventional idea that transforms something in your life, or even the world.  It would be a good time to travel to a faraway place or further your education and there’s likely to be many insightful conversations during this time. You may be looking for a career that you love or maybe you are trying to beautify your career in some way.