Astrology Readings

Astrology is a tool that is best used for transformation, healing and growth. I believe we are all individuals, created for a specific purpose. Astrology can help you find this purpose by showing you what gifts you bring and what challenges you are to overcome. Just knowing what it is we are bringing into this life can transform our perspective, bringing healing to our more difficult parts of our nature. Shedding light on your uniqueness can also bring into your awareness the uniqueness of others, helping you to gain more compassion for all individuals. Astrology not only brings awareness to yourself and others, it also sheds light on the cycles of this physical world. Knowing what cycles you are going through can help you feel more at peace with the lessons and challenges that you may be facing. While astrology shows you the general theme of what's going on, you still have the power to create your reality; astrology is just a tool that can help give you an idea of what kinds of energies you're working with. 

I have been studying astrology for 16 years now and I have found that the most effective way to use it, is to use it as a tool for transformation through awareness and acceptance. I can help you gain greater awareness of yourself by reading what your birth chart has to say about the gifts and lessons you have brought into this life, and I can help to bring acceptance by showing you the bigger picture of what is happening in your life at the present time with a horoscope reading. If you would like to find out what lessons you are learning in your relationships, I can give you an objective perspective with a relationship reading. Progressed charts are great for showing you the updated lessons you are learning in your life. 


Birth Chart Reading $40.00 USD

Progressed Chart Reading $35.00 USD

Horoscope Reading (current transits) $35.00 USD

Astrology Reading (Birth Chart + Horoscope or Birth Chart + Progressed Chart) $60.00 USD

Relationship Reading (requires birth info for both people/ Includes Comparison and Composite) $75.00 USD

To schedule a reading, simply email me at and include the type of reading you'd like in the subject line. Please include your date, time, and location of birth in the email. At this time, you can either have a voice recording (which I'll send over email) or we can schedule a Zoom session. Thanks so much!