Welcome to Tara Rose Astrologer

Hello to all who visit! My name is Tara and my journey with astrology started when I was quite young. My mom and my aunt always enjoyed talking about the signs and the funny coincidences with astrology, this is what helped to trigger my journey. When I was 12, I memorized all of the signs and their dates and I would always talk about which signs were "compatible". While my interest never waned, I didn't really delve deeply into it until I turned 17, after reading a profoundly accurate horoscope. This horoscope led to my intense study of the houses and how they work. Since getting involved with astrology, I've read over 40 astrology books, I've bought multiple readings over the internet, I've read as much information related to astrology as I could find over the internet, I've received a reading from an Astrologer, I've done multiple readings, and I continue to grow and learn in my understanding each and every day. Astrology is so ingrained in me, that I talk about it even when conversing about the most mundane of subjects. Astrology is just the way that I think. 

Now, I'd like to bring up the flip side to astrology that I also believe. Astrology can lead to a certain amount of delusion and irrational fear. If you are so focused on whether you and a love interest are compatible, then you may be abusing astrology. If you are obsessed with reading your horoscope and change your day because of it, then I feel that that isn't a healthy use either. I feel that astrology is best used as a tool for self-knowledge and transformation. I also believe that it is not a controller of our destiny or even of who we are. I believe we are much more than our personalities, just as there is much more beyond the planets in our solar system. Astrology can be helpful for becoming more aware of your personality so that you can move beyond your ego based parts of who you are. It can also help you become more accepting of the cycles of this physical realm, which can help you to move with the flow of life rather than against it. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my site and I hope that you have found this information to be useful. If you are interested in receiving a reading from me, there are links at the top of the page that will help you get started in that direction. 

With peace, love, and many blessings,
Tara Rose